Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Promised Orgasm

I came to him in his out of the way place.
We had talked for weeks but it seemed like days.
I was horribly nervous, and tiny bit scared.
He told me he was going to hurt me, and I believed him.
Strangely enough it didn't seem like he could hurt me enough.
It was like a moth being drawn to the proverbial flame.
The more he told me of my fate, the more I was inexplicably drawn to him.

The day we were to meet, the minutes seemed like hours.
I was hyper sensitive to all that was around me.
I re-lived those conversations over and over. One at a time.
I reviewed each message, line by line, paragraph by paragraph.
I studied them intensely I did. Examining the syntax and every word
For subtle nuances and meanings I might have missed the other 100 times.

Why though? I just needed this release. I knew he would trigger it.
I was unsure of the intensity, or how I would feel.

This time it was different. I could feel the intensity from him. It emanated from his words.
Each word chosen carefully and deliberately. Clarity and conciseness were a pattern.
I was never confused or not sure of the topic or subject matter.
I was addicted; his descriptions were vivid and detailed. I could picture them.
I could feel his words on my body. It made me wet, it made me quiver.
The thought of his promises cleared my mind, sharpened my focus..
I felt as though he had crawled inside me., it was as if he knew my thoughts before I did.
He was able to predict my behavior, taste my excitement, sense my fear.

He told me, he loved me. I responded in kind without hesitation. It felt so natural.
He accepted me, he didn't judge me.

I followed his directions to the letter. I did not want to disappoint him. He told me I
Wouldn't be disappointing him, but myself. I think he counted on my resolve to drive me.
I could see now how he had been mind fucking me from the beginning.
It was no matter now, I was committed, I was more than curious. I was fucking hungry.
I knew I had to feed my hunger, or I would go fucking crazy.

I arrived at the run down building. Shortly after dark. I was on time as I had been cautioned to be.
I arrived at room number 9. The door was ajar and the room was dimly lit.
I could not see much in the room, but proceeded in anyway.
I walked thru the door way turning around to locked the door as I had been instructed.
All his promises came out through my orgasm after orgasm.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Satisfy Your Every Lesbian Thought

I want you naked. I want to feel your fucking clit between my my thumb and forefinger. I want to taste you, probe your wetness with my tongue. I want to feel your orgasm and your cum roll over my tongue. I'm going to tongue fuck your pussy til you can't fucking take it. I'm going to fuck your asshole with my glass toy, long deep strokes in your tight hole.

Your pussy is still hungry, insatiable. I start feeding your wet fucking hole, digits. Slowly and methodically, and gently. Stretching and filling, I want to feed your hole my hand using your wetness as my lube. I am going to feed your fucking wet pussy.

I am going to rub my clit on your face and make you beg for my pussy to touch your tongue.

I am going to make you cum and satisfy your every thought.
Then it's your turn......

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stimulate My Thoughts

I've been thinking about you.
How to pique your interest.
To stimulate your thoughts
Encircle your mind with my words.

A prisoner of my depravity
A slave to my proclivities
Hunger for hot skin
The sweet embrace of nudity
Two lovers intertwined as one

But how?

By pulling your hair, seizing your breath?
On all fours, legs spread wide.
Marking your flesh, tasting your excitement.
Bound by psychological restraints.
Will you cum? will you cry?

Cloak you in darkness, probe your fears.
Precipitate thought, stimulate your mind.

I've been thinking, but how?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I Told Him What I Wanted

I told him what I wanted, what I was willing to do.
He touched me, my naked body. I felt myself respond to his touch.
His fingers danced on my skin and he his hand ran through my hair.
He kissed me, and directed me down to my knees.
Gently touching me, and probing my wetness.
He brought his hand to my mouth, I tasted myself.

I wanted him, to use me, and my body.
He didn't, I wanted him to hurt me, and hurt me badly.
I had to cry, to have release.
I need to be spanked hard, to be taken roughly.
I need him to take me like a predator who wants to devour his prey.

To inspect my holes, to fill them, to pound them.
Grab my hair, grab my throat, use my mouth.
Taste me, to hypnotize me with his mouth.
I need it, I crave his pain.
The raw and primal consumption of all that I was.
You see I have to have it.

He studied me in my psychological bonds.
I wondered if he saw what I needed?
I wanted him to feed me his pleasure..

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Monday, July 17, 2017

I Hurried Home

I hurried home, glad the day was over. I had been thinking about her all day.. She made me feel alive. I wondered how she had done being by herself all day. She had never been left alone this long during her past visits. I was curious about her mental state, and what had went on in her head.

I unlocked the basement door, turned on the lights and walked down the stairs. As I stepped off the last stair, I could hear the soft jingle of steel chain, she must have heard me. I turned on another light and unlocked her door. I stood in the doorway and took a moment to admire her. She was gagged and wearing a black blindfold. She turned her head to me when she heard the door open. Her hair was matted and tangled. She looked vulnerable. A series of rough face fucks from last night, left her a bit disheveled. I walked to her, put two fingers between her open legs, penetrating her wetness. I plunged them deeper into her until she responded. I pulled my fingers out and put them in my mouth, tasting her excitement.

Her ass was beckoning me. I ran my hand over it and she jumped. I knew she was expecting me to plunge into her sweet little asshole, so I refrained, knowing she wanted it.

My mind was alive too many questions and thoughts right now. I need to relax for a bit before our next session. This was going to be a busy evening. I walked in front of her dropped onto my knees, opened her pussy lips and took her clit in my mouth..

She was my own captured arousal. I was really her pleasuring slave.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Can You Feel Me?

Can you feel me run my hands through your hair?
Can you feel me hold your face in my hands?

Can you feel me run my hands
over your body?
Can you feel me removing your clothes?

Can you feel me in your mind?
Can you feel me perving your thoughts?

Can you feel my psychological cum drip, drip
on to your brain?

Can you feel your mouth opening, to receive me?

Can you feel me feeding you, slowly and deeply?
Can you feel your wetness spread?

Can you hear me whisper "good girl" in your ear?
Can you feel my mouth on yours?

Can you feel me let you present your cunt to me?
Can you feel me let you cum?

Over and over, Can you?

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Like A Delicious Treat

Like A delicious treat, I want to slowly unwrap you. Free you from your clothes.
Piece by piece, slowly savoring your texture between my thumb and forefinger.
Rolling you over and over onto my tongue.
Melting slowly from my touch.

I want to metrically and deliberately taste your soft pink skin.
Moving each layer, trying to taste your creamy center.
To enjoy your moistness, your soft center filled with liquid warmth.
Waiting to be released by my probing tongue.
Your wet soft, salty center waiting to envelop my tongue in your flavor.

My gift to myself you see.
I want to decorate you in colors.
Pinks and reds, rising to meet my touch.
I am going to seize you and make you melt in my fucking mouth.
I like a slut, and I'm hungry for you, right fucking now.

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