Friday, June 24, 2016

Jerry from Small Town, Oregon responds to Vicki's Post:

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Jerry from Small Town, Oregon responds to Vicki's Post:

Dear Jessa,

Vicki's account of our first intimate night was very accurate! When Vicki sent me the link to her write in, I was full of tingles and butterflies. She's an exciting woman. If I had seen her touching herself, I would have moved much more quickly. I wanted her terribly.

I will say on my side of the evening I do recall how much Vicki enjoyed the massage, but I did as well. Yes it seems every time I massage her I feel a different energy that I've only felt with a few others.It is hard to explain the feeling, it is like having a constant static electricity from my fingers tips that tingles me all the way from my hands to the head of my cock and balls. But it also gives me the feeling of butterflies every time I massages her, even to this day. It's a feeling that always makes me absolutely want to beg to feel the sensual touch from her soft hands, which I wasn't sure if she realized I needed during the first massage encounter.

After Vicki's initial massage, we laid on the bed to cuddle and chat. I noticed was my cock was very hard and now would not stay down. After talking for a little bit i finally got the nerve up to give her a kiss and the energy was un-explainable, feeling of how soft and perfect her lips were, I decided to take a chance and reached down running my hand up and down her thigh. As I did I was able to feel the warmth and how moist her panties already were, I slipped my fingers underneath and enjoyed slowly feeling her lips and clit with every brush of my fingers until I was able to slide them passed her soft moist lips and then as deep in side of her as I could reach. Her legs spread wide and I knew she wanted more.

After massaging her pussy inside and out and feeling how wet my fingers were becoming I could not resist tasting her pussy and enjoying all her juices.

I pulled her panties to the side and slid my tongue slowly across her clit. Each lip, one at at time enjoying every second, I was in pure amazement that I was actually enjoying a side of her I thought I would never get. I ran my tongue as close as I could to the entrance to her pussy and sucked in every drop of her juices. I have never forgot how firm and amazing her clit was against my tongue and around my lips.

After she came a couple times for me, covering my face in juices in the way that made me very happy. She gently stroked my cock with her fingers, I really wanted to enjoy seeing and feeling her suck my cock and enjoying all the pre come that was now soaking the head of my throbbing cock. I wanted to slide my cock deep inside of Vicki's moist pussy.

I shared with her that I had a fetish.... I liked to be watched while I pleasure myself. When I asked if she would like to watch until I was able to cum just for her she said yes in a very soft and sensual voice.

I reached Down with my free hand while still rubbing her clit and lips and started stroking my cock slowly at first until I couldn't control my self any further. It felt so good to be stroking my cock for her and seeing the look in her eyes as she clearly wanted to see the cum shoot from my cock just for her. I couldn't help imagining her pussy as if she was on top of me riding my cock.

Suddenly I lost complete control and shot all the cum had to offer her all over my stomach, best part was watching the look on her face and in her eyes with how much she enjoyed seeing all my cum.

It is true guys..... fantasies do come true.

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