Monday, June 20, 2016

Kristy Writes in Her Sexual Fantasy From Miami Beach

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Kristy from Miami Beach writes:

Hi Jessa, my name is Kristy. I live in Miami Beach, land of the never-ending party. There is this club I like to go to with my friends off of Collins Ave. It is a bit seedy, with lots of questionable things going on. It is fun to watch people in this place because it is an absolute dive. You know people are doing all kinds of things in the back. I catch glimpses when I use the ladies room, but I never have the courage to really look or ask anyone what they are doing.

I like to fantasize that this dive club is really a sex club where anyone can walk in and be ravished. I watch the gals come in wearing almost nothing, skirts up so far that I catch myself looking to see if I can see more. I want to see more. Just once I wish I could get a glimpse of a shaved, wet pussy.

I've never been with a woman, yet. But I will be. I'm working on my courage to.

While I sit at the bar with my friends, doing jello shots, and drinking cocktails, I scan the room ever so slyly. I imagine what each person would look like naked, and how they would feel against my skin. There are always a couple people that I'm extremely attracted to and want to invite into one of the secret back rooms to play with me.

One night we were sitting at the bar, and this drug dealing guy with gold chains and loose women came in. He and his crew sat next to us. He made a comment about my ass and said he'd like to give me a good squeeze, and I told him I might let him after a few more drinks if he was buying. He bought my friends and I a few rounds. I had a hard time keeping my eyes to myself.

His skin was smooth and almost glistened in the light of the bar. One of his gals gave me a look that made me so wet. I wanted to touch her so badly, but I knew I didn't dare. I wanted his hands on my ass and her hands on my breasts.

I wanted his cock in me while I put my fingers in her. I wanted them both so badly that I blushed because I just knew they both knew how badly I wanted them. I wanted to kiss her pink lips and run my tongue down between her legs to taste her. I wanted her to feel my wetness and my erect clit as he ran his cock in and out of me, gently at first, and then hard and fast.

I wanted to bury my tongue inside of her and let her orgasm all over my face while he fucked me hard.

As I sat, fantasizing about them, my panties were getting more wet and more wet. I just knew they both knew what I was thinking about. I stood up to use the ladies room to tidy myself up, and as I walked by, he grabbed my ass, firmly but gently. Exactly like I imagined he would touch me.

Then he said, "Next time maybe we'll do a little more......"
I haven't seen him again, since.
But I keep waiting to.
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