Thursday, June 30, 2016

Maddy from Seattle, WA Writes In

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Maddy from Seattle, WA writes in:

In my fantasy, she said
That she wanted me
To love her
Honor her
Hold her
Closely and always.

In my fantasy, I said
I wanted her
Loved her
Honored her.
And she held me
Inside of her
So closely that I could feel
Her heart whisper,
"Forever my love......"

In reality,
My eyes gaze on her and I
Cannot believe her love is real.
My heart may not have
Courage enough
To ask her.....

Will you marry me
And forever be
My one and only?

Seattle, WA

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