Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vicki from Small Town, Oregon Writes In

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Vicki from Small Town, Oregon Writes In:

Hi Jessa,

I saw a review on your blog online and came to check it out. After reading, I knew I had to write in. I have a fantasy about my neighbor that has been driving me crazy.

His name is Jerry. Jerry is bald and rides a motorcycle. He stops by my house a lot to visit, talk about the other neighbors, and we share recipes. I know, it doesn't sound like anything out of the normal, but Jerry has this energy about him. When he talks, I watch his mouth and my mind instantly wanders to where his lips and tongue Could be. I wondered what his penis looked like and if he was long enough to hit my G spot. I wondered if he was attracted to me, all while we chatted about tomatoes and how to make our gardens produce more.

This part isn't a fantasy, but is true.....
I threw my back out of place and Jerry knows a few massage techniques. He came over that night, set up the table, and I laid under the sheet naked, and in pain. He gently and slowly massaged my back, my legs, my arms, even my scalp. He had my back feeling better in a matter of minutes, but his touching me was driving me crazy. I almost felt these electronic shock waves that went straight between my legs with every firm touch he gave me.

He rubbed my back and I could feel myself getting wet. I was so embarrassed. Now I get why guys don't necessarily like getting massages. (At least I can hide my excitement!)

When I rolled over on my back so he could work on the front of my legs, I kept wishing he'd accidentally brush up against my private zone. He didn't though. Although I desperately wanted him to slip a finger underneath my panties and touch my clit.

All I could imagine was his tongue between my legs and my hands on his bald head pushing his head into me further. I never wanted to cum all over someone so badly in all my life. I didn't realize I was spreading my legs as he massaged me, beckoning him to feel my wetness. My eyes were closed and I was so wrapped up in my own excitement, that I didn't see what was going on with him until I opened my eyes......

And when I opened my eyes, his cock was huge and bulging. He obviously wanted me just as badly. At some point he had removed his shirt and his skin was touching my skin with every stroke on my legs.

I put my hand inside my panties and started to play with my clit, hoping he would see it as an invitation to do it for me. But he didn't. He was so wrapped up in massaging my legs and feet that he didn't notice what I was doing. So I decided to be a bit more obvious, and put my foot on his hard cock, and rubbed it into him, so he knew that I knew he was hard. He blushed so heavily, when he realized I was coming on to him.

I got off the table and laid on my bed.
And all my fantasies about him came true that night.
(Except the real thing was better!)

Read Jerry's continuation of that night.......

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