Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Woman's Power: A Note to All Lovers of Women

A woman is always going to be more energetically powerful than you. She's always going to be more emotionally powerful than you. And, she is sexually more powerful than you. For ever and ever.

She will be a tornado sometimes.

She will be a hurricane sometimes.

A flood. A fire. She is the very nature.

You can run away from her (and miss).
You can try to control her (unsuccessfully).
You can be rigid about it (and break).

Or you can be standing in your presence in a male and do your best to serve her heart. There will be some times that clearly you're going to see how you are serving her and the rest of the time... She will be trusting you - she will grow in the trust of your depth.

You have a gift to give your woman - and she wants to receive it. Feel the truth of that.
Stay in the depth of your gift and your truth, even while she is in the truth of her feminine nature. She will burn, flow, rain, shine, be a storm - and through all of that, she just wants to experience your presence.

The gift you receive is the opportunity to face death - death of ego and a window to life and to pleasure and to the truth... But only - if you stay present ".

~ David Deida ~

Carmen from San Francisco Writes In Her Lesbian Fantasy

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Dear Jessa,

My name is Carmen from San Francisco. I am 20 years married to a wonderful supportive husband. He knows that I have bi-curious fantasies and supports my exploring them. I haven't found anyone to explore that side of my sexuality with, yet. In my mid-40s, it isn't easy to find someone whom I would trust enough to open up to. This is my fantasy of what I want it to be like for the first time:

I would like to meet a woman with a nice body, firm breasts like mine, and nice legs to wrap up with. I want to spoil her. I want to take her shopping, take her out for dinners and drinks. I want to go dancing with her and touch her all over in public, very discreetly. Just so she knows I want her.

I want her to open her legs to me and reveal a perfectly trimmed pussy. I want to see how turned on she is by watching her wetness drip from deep within her. I want to lightly lick her clit and labia, making her hips beg me for more. I would put just a bit of pressure near her entry but not enter. Not yet.

I want to feel her breasts on mine. I want to taste her nipples and kiss her neck. I want to lightly kiss her lips and feel her spread her legs for me, begging me to take her. I would make my way down to her pussy and lightly lick her more. I want her to be so wet with desire that she begs for my fingers to enter her. Two fingers would enter her, while I continue to play her clit with my tongue.

I want to feel her spasm against my fingers, so I make it three fingers. I press up against her pelvis toward her G-spot and suck very lightly on her clit. I hear her breath change and I know she's so close to orgasm. I enter her with 4 fingers and she is so wet, she would take more. I flick her clitoris with my tongue and her hips push against me, the walls of her pussy contract so hard she almost pushes me out,but I hold her still and let her rock on my hand while I hold her G-spot steady.

She still comes. Her legs spasm, her hips grinding on my fingers, my lips suckle her clitoris while my tongue gently washes over the erectness. She is still coming. I want to push her to the edge.

I hold my hand steady and move my energy into her.
She loses it.
She spasms and her head throws back in what sounds like agony, but her hips tell me otherwise.
She orgasms so hard, that she ejaculates and falls into a puddle of her orgasm.

This is my fantasy.


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Friday, July 22, 2016

James from Tacoma, Washington Writes In:

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Good Day Jessa,

My name is James from Tacoma, Washington. There is someone I have had my eye on for quite some time, years in fact. She was in a relationship with a friend of mine who treated her terribly and a couple years ago they split up. I haven't had the courage to ask her out or tell her I have this attraction to her. I've just remained single and celibate, in hopes that at some point, I'll catch her attention. She is worth the wait. And this is my fantasy about her:

I would take Melanie out to the beach. She is always posting pictures of herself at the coast with her kids and her friends. I want to be there with her and experience it. I would walk with her, hold her hand, help her find cool beach treasures like shells, sticks, feathers. I would take the time to really feel her hand and feel her pulse in my hand. I want to feel her heartbeat in my hand, because there is nothing that could hurt her when I am around. I wouldn't let it.

Her eyes.... her eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They are a deep blue, almost navy. I would look into her eyes just to see if she could see me. Just to see if she could see how much I've already fallen in love with her. I would touch her face, kiss her cheek, and gently pull her mouth up to my lips. I would kiss her so gently that she could get lost inside my desire just to kiss her every day of her life.

I would hold her waist to mine and walk in step with her. I know our strides would meet and sync. My love for her would only grow. The chance to make love to her, I can barely grasp. I am actually scared that I could never meet her expectations or disappoint her in some way, I'm not the Don Juan of lovers. But I would love her with every millimeter of my body and soul. A day would never pass where she wondered if she were loved.

If I could have just a chance, I would pack a picnic for the beach with wine, cheese, small tidbits to snack on because I know she's shy about eating in front of others. I've seen her at BBQ's at friend's homes and she always goes off to sit by herself and her kids. I would kiss her after every bite and hopefully she would feel that I love her. Hopefully she could love me in return.

What is that movie? With Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant..... (editor's note: Notting Hill)
I am just a boy
in love with a girl,
waiting to be noticed.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let Me Lick You

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Dear Jessa,

My name is Jennifer and I live in Minnesota. I have been married for 23 years to a wonderful man. We have raised 4 kids and are almost empty nesters. Our last son graduates next year. I have been a stay at home Mom with the kids while my husband runs his business. I've always been in a supportive role, my entire life.

I read a lot of erotica to keep myself interested in sex with my husband. Not because he is bad in bed but because after 25 years of being together, things can get a bit boring. He doesn't always put in a whole lot of effort and I find myself trying to please him so he doesn't stray. I just couldn't handle him not being happy sexually inside of our marriage, yet here I am, unhappy.

I just want to be noticed. I've kept my body in great shape. I run. I do yoga. I eat right. I don't look like I'm in my 50s. I could pass for 35 easily. One of my biggest fantasies that I get myself turned on with is this:

There is a stage and an audience of people. I know they are there because I can hear them, but I cannot see them. I can hear them breathing. I hear a man cough. I step onto the stage and the stage light beams upon my naked body. The crowd is silent.

I walk to the middle of the dark stage and there sits a velvet vintage sofa, blue in color. Next to the sofa is a beautiful, ornate side table, filled with sexual toys: vibrators, lubricant, dildos. I touch myself and I lick my sweet pussy juice from my fingers and I hear men sign in the audience. The audience is still black. I can see nothing. I can only feel their eyes on my perfectly sculpted legs, spread wide, for everyone to view.

I take a purple vibrator and place it on my clit. The whir of the vibrator makes my clit so hard. Someone in the audience says, "Let me lick you."

Another deep voice says, "I want to cum in you."

I can hear the men shuffling in their seats, getting uncomfortable. I use my fingers on my clitoris and give myself a small orgasm that is mostly just heavy breathing and my heart pumping.

A feminine voice says, "I'll use that strap on for you."

I want them to want me. I want them to see inside of me. I want them to look. I want to make them uncomfortable.

When I finally pump my wet pussy with the vibrator, I can hear some men jacking themselves off. I love it. I want them to cum all over themselves. I want them to start sucking on each other just for relief. I want straight men to be so desperate for an orgasm that they will do anything to get it. I want to drive them to that desperation.

I cannot keep the rolling wave from taking me. I moan so hard that the audience becomes still. They all watch as I orgasm from the purple toy, over and over, again.

The light goes out.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Frank from Atlanta, Georgia Writes in His Bisexual Fantasy

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

by Hongtao Huang (link for purchase below)

Dear Jessa,

My name is Frank and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. My wife and I recently opened up our marriage. She had a sexual encounter with a woman and she is encouraging me to seek out a male friend with benefits as she knows I've always been curious. After thinking about it for awhile with her going into her details about her girl on girl actions, I want to seek out a man. This is my fantasy:

After meeting a potential friend I invite him over for dinner so my wife can meet him. After knowing my wife likes him we start flirting, hugging, and even little kisses.

When dinner is over, my wife leaves to go out and hang with her girlfriend. He and I sit on the couch and talked about jobs, weather, and news. I am only thinking please kiss me. I want our tongues to be rubbing around. He asks me a question but before I can answer he leans in and kisses me full lips to lips, tongue to tongue.

My heart races, as I am scared and excited. He unbuttoned my shirt buttons and his hand runs through my chest with his finger rubbing my nipples. Soon my shirt is off and I start rubbing his dick through his pants. It is nice and hard.

I slowly unzip his pants and unbuttoned his pants. He is wearing boxers and his now rock hard dick was sticking out begging to be sucked. I kneel down and lick the head of his penis, getting a taste of pre-cum.

Before long I take his hard dick entirely in my mouth. I gag a little bit and couldn’t take him all. I was working extremely hard to, but he's so big.  Then he starts thrusting and his cock goes to back of my throat.

It hurts but I want more. He pulls out to my disappointment, then asks if we can go the bed.

We stand up and with his dick in my hand I guide him to the room. He lays me on my back on the bed and grabs the lube I had on the night stand with a condom. He massages my ass thoroughly all around.

Once he puts on condom he slowly presses against my ass and slides in. He asked if I was ok. I look deep into his eyes and say oh God yes, and kiss him. He slowly starts pumping my ass with his huge cock.

I wrap my legs around him as he fucks me. I move with him.  I lose all track of time. He pulls out and flips me over. I am now on my hands and knees, doggy style.

He gets right up on my ass, and once I feel his dick near my ass, I push back and start riding him. He gets more excited. Then he pulls out, removes the condom and cums hard all over my back.

This is what I want more than anything. It is a shame that so many people are judgmental of gay sex and are ashamed to admit they are curious about it. Until I find a man I am attracted to, my wife will continue to use the strap on for me.

*Artwork for sale on Fine Art America.  (Disclosure: Shared Fantasies receives no monetary benefit for featuring this artwork.)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Matthew from New York Writes In

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Hello Jessa,

I am writing from New York. I found you on facebook and I am very much enjoying the blog. I am looking forward to the newsletter!

My name is Matthew and I am married with 3 kids. Our sex life has dulled to the point of me asking my wife at dinner if she can do some alone time after the kids are in bed. She always wants to, but with 3 young kids and her own job, by the time we get into bed, we both just fall asleep.

Sometimes I watch her sleeping and I daydream about taking her to a sex club. I would love to watch other men want her and flirt with her, knowing that she can choose to let them fuck her with my blessing. It turns me on so much to think about watching another man take my wife's pussy and pound it with his cock. I want to watch her moan and lose herself in the moment. I want to see her so lost in ecstasy that her only thoughts are of more sex.

I would love to see her take another man's dick into her mouth until he came in the back of her throat. Or watching her lick another woman's pussy while I pound her hard would drive me over the edge. I wish I could tell her I want her to fuck other men in front of me, but I'm so scared she is going to hate me or resent me, or think I'm a weird pervert.

It turns me on so much to think about my uptight boss fucking my wife. I'd want her to take his cum all in and then want me to cum in his cum, making her pussy an inviting cream pie. She could tie me up and rub her wet, creamy pussy all over my face.

I would do anything for her if she wanted me to.

Dear Matthew,

While I normally don't comment on the writings that are sent in, I wanted to reach out and say you are not a pervert for having a fantasy of consenting adult activity. Thank you for your write in. Your wife is a lucky woman. All the best. ~Jessa

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Share Your Fetish or Fantasy

We want you!

We want your secret thoughts.
Your fantasies.
Your desires.
Your ecstasy.

What turns you on?
Who turns you on?
Do they know they have this effect on you?

Do you get sweaty palms around her?
Do your panties get wet around him?
Does your cock get hard when you think about experiencing something new?

Let's talk about it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Facebook Poet Shares:

I whisper into your ear Sweet things that make you weak, Then you look into my eyes With your mysterious provocative gaze, Causing you to touch my skin To feel the burning of your flames, Caressing me Then you kiss me... As I feel your wet eager lips Our hungry tongues indulging in their craving, To feel the poison... Of your blood boiling throughout my soul Sending electrify emotions Stimulating pure intoxication, As your hands flows over me; Touching every curve and every part of you It seems You move your legs apart automatically, As you lift me on the mystical ride While my body you know I will guide, Just listen to our song Making love all night long, The flames of passion, desire Is taking control over us, You put my hands on your breast, As I feel a sensation so exciting, When i kiss your nipples with my eager lips Every time i do that, It gets more and more fulfilling Let me feel those sensations, As You feel me deep inside you Feeling a rage so incredible to resist, As all I want is to let go

I got you twisting... Soaking wet, as you feel me pausing deep inside you And then You feel me pull out and pull back in, You moan from pure delight and ecstasy, I get the shivers, But... Is from the fire lit inside my being Your body is slippery everywhere, You scream... Please, harder and harder,

Crying out in anguished bliss A slight sigh... ''A gasp for air'' This fire is so immense So full of energy and heat, Even water could not quench This fire inside of me Cause you Always will remain Burning there endlessly, Cause you make my erotic senses rise, While you take me higher and higher Than I have ever been In the magical ride of yours, That I just can't get enough


Friday, July 8, 2016

Michelle In Portland Writes In

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Hi Jessa,

First, thank you for giving us a place to share our deepest desires anonymously. This is something I've been wanting to get off my chest and haven't had a place to share it. Thank you.

My name is Michelle and I live in Portland. I work in a very professional environment that is a bit uptight, if you know what I mean. I am bisexual and no one in my office knows it. I have been to swingers clubs and parties, and I am constantly looking for a tribe of people that I can get down with.

But there is this guy at work. He's nothing fancy. He is a bike commuter and comes into the office dressed in his riding attire before he changes into his work clothes. The way he talks and holds his head..... the way his mouth moves.... I cannot help but wish his mouth was between my legs.

In our lunch room, I watch him a lot. The way he holds his utensils, how he acknowledges everyone who speaks with the utmost care and attention. I want to be the center of his attention behind a closed door.

I fantasize a lot about him giving me this look, you know the look..... the one of: I Want You. I can feel his eyes on me and his hand pull me into the broom closet when no one is watching. I can feel his lips part my lips and gently reach in and play with my tongue. I could reach down and feel his hard cock rising to take me.

I'd put my mouth around his cock and take all I could, tasting the saltiness of him. Just when I would about to let him finish, he'd pull back...... because he wants my most innermost self. He wants to feel my tight, wet pussy around his cock. But first he wants to taste it.

I can feel his tongue intently licking at my clit. He would slip a finger inside of me while licking me, and I get a rise of electricity from being entered. Now I want his cock, bad. I push him down into the chair and mount him, taking him fully. I ride him so hard until we both lose ourselves into our loins.

My pussy begins to contract with waves of orgasm which makes him lose himself into me, triggering me to come for him even harder. He pulls me even further into his pelvis and says, "Next time, I'm on top."


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Friday, July 1, 2016

Being All In

It’s the rhythm of the penultimate sexual thrusting.

The microcosm of every movement of the universe.

Moving toward, going away from.

I’m in, I’m out.

The yin, the yang.

In our intimate relationship, the true power of that connection is only realized when we are “all in”.

When the genitals are all in, when the heart is all in.

Literally, when the cock is deep inside.

When the vagina is fully surrendered and receptive.

When the heart is open and unguarded.

That’s the turning point on which everything hinges: the only way to harness the power of your intimate relationship is when you are “all in.”

If you are hedging your bets, living with your guard even slightly up, you won’t be able to tune into this power.

You’ll make up rationalizations, like “monogamy doesn’t work!” because you aren’t actually being monogamous. I.e. you aren’t committing all of your emotional and sexual resources to your partner.

Conscious monogamy isn’t just about not fucking other people.

That’s the most basic definition of it.

It’s about giving everything you’ve got to your partner: heart, cock, vagina.

If you are balancing on the fence, holding back, you aren’t actually monogamous.

You’re playing a half-ass, protect-yourself, game.

Most of our emotional lives are peppered with our own self-inflicted land mines.

We lay them out, sometimes consciously, mostly unconsciously, to protect ourselves from being too vulnerable, from going too deep.

We take a job offer that pulls us away from home and our lover.

Yes, on paper it’s a good career move.

But what I have seen over and over again when working with couples, is that our outer lives reflect our inner distance.

Meaning, when we sort out our own fears and blocks and dare to go a level deeper, dare to trust, dare to go “all in”, magically, these outer obstacles evaporate.

The job offer then comes closer to home.

The projects that caused more stress and ate up more of our time start to ease off.

Our children, who were acting up, begin to calm.

It’s subtle: all these reverberations of fear and protection that show up in our lives, that WE manifest.

Again, unconsciously.

As soon as we buck up, and we commit, the whole game changes.

Space opens up.

Your defenses, both internal and the outer manifestations of them, fade away.

So how?

How do we do this?

1) Be honest, more honest than you think you can.

Are you really “all in”?

One of my life mottos is: If you aren’t scared shitless, you aren’t aiming high enough.

This means that you’ve got skin in the game. It’s a beautiful, belly-butterflies feeling of: Something is at risk here.

When you hit this feeling, you know you’re at the edge, the precipice that means something.

I can measure it in surfing waves. When I look back, and see a wave that gives me that feeling, not just one that I know I can make, I’m at my edge.

2) Accept that you build up defenses, all day, all night long, that protect you from getting hurt.

The truth is buried somewhere beneath them all.

If you knew this was true, look at your life and see where you’ve potentially created barriers to depth and intimacy.

Anything that takes you away from, rather than moving you toward, is a defense of sorts.

There are lots of socially sanctioned excuses for not having time for your relationship: work, children, social commitments.

The only truth is that if you aren’t living in the delicious, tender, delicate, fully open space of deep love, you are living in some kind of defense-constructed existence.

And it’s going to block the flow of everything: your orgasms, your cash, your career, your children and of course, your relationship.


Your relationship is the nucleus.

Just like the microcosmic cell, it “directs the growth, metabolism (the sum of the physical and chemical processes in an organism by which its material substance is maintained, and destroyed, and by which energy is made available), and reproduction” in your lives.

It functions at its highest potential, and can have the most powerful impact in your lives, when you are “all in”.

~ Kim Anami