Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Carmen from San Francisco Writes In Her Lesbian Fantasy

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Dear Jessa,

My name is Carmen from San Francisco. I am 20 years married to a wonderful supportive husband. He knows that I have bi-curious fantasies and supports my exploring them. I haven't found anyone to explore that side of my sexuality with, yet. In my mid-40s, it isn't easy to find someone whom I would trust enough to open up to. This is my fantasy of what I want it to be like for the first time:

I would like to meet a woman with a nice body, firm breasts like mine, and nice legs to wrap up with. I want to spoil her. I want to take her shopping, take her out for dinners and drinks. I want to go dancing with her and touch her all over in public, very discreetly. Just so she knows I want her.

I want her to open her legs to me and reveal a perfectly trimmed pussy. I want to see how turned on she is by watching her wetness drip from deep within her. I want to lightly lick her clit and labia, making her hips beg me for more. I would put just a bit of pressure near her entry but not enter. Not yet.

I want to feel her breasts on mine. I want to taste her nipples and kiss her neck. I want to lightly kiss her lips and feel her spread her legs for me, begging me to take her. I would make my way down to her pussy and lightly lick her more. I want her to be so wet with desire that she begs for my fingers to enter her. Two fingers would enter her, while I continue to play her clit with my tongue.

I want to feel her spasm against my fingers, so I make it three fingers. I press up against her pelvis toward her G-spot and suck very lightly on her clit. I hear her breath change and I know she's so close to orgasm. I enter her with 4 fingers and she is so wet, she would take more. I flick her clitoris with my tongue and her hips push against me, the walls of her pussy contract so hard she almost pushes me out,but I hold her still and let her rock on my hand while I hold her G-spot steady.

She still comes. Her legs spasm, her hips grinding on my fingers, my lips suckle her clitoris while my tongue gently washes over the erectness. She is still coming. I want to push her to the edge.

I hold my hand steady and move my energy into her.
She loses it.
She spasms and her head throws back in what sounds like agony, but her hips tell me otherwise.
She orgasms so hard, that she ejaculates and falls into a puddle of her orgasm.

This is my fantasy.


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