Monday, July 18, 2016

Frank from Atlanta, Georgia Writes in His Bisexual Fantasy

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

by Hongtao Huang (link for purchase below)

Dear Jessa,

My name is Frank and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. My wife and I recently opened up our marriage. She had a sexual encounter with a woman and she is encouraging me to seek out a male friend with benefits as she knows I've always been curious. After thinking about it for awhile with her going into her details about her girl on girl actions, I want to seek out a man. This is my fantasy:

After meeting a potential friend I invite him over for dinner so my wife can meet him. After knowing my wife likes him we start flirting, hugging, and even little kisses.

When dinner is over, my wife leaves to go out and hang with her girlfriend. He and I sit on the couch and talked about jobs, weather, and news. I am only thinking please kiss me. I want our tongues to be rubbing around. He asks me a question but before I can answer he leans in and kisses me full lips to lips, tongue to tongue.

My heart races, as I am scared and excited. He unbuttoned my shirt buttons and his hand runs through my chest with his finger rubbing my nipples. Soon my shirt is off and I start rubbing his dick through his pants. It is nice and hard.

I slowly unzip his pants and unbuttoned his pants. He is wearing boxers and his now rock hard dick was sticking out begging to be sucked. I kneel down and lick the head of his penis, getting a taste of pre-cum.

Before long I take his hard dick entirely in my mouth. I gag a little bit and couldn’t take him all. I was working extremely hard to, but he's so big.  Then he starts thrusting and his cock goes to back of my throat.

It hurts but I want more. He pulls out to my disappointment, then asks if we can go the bed.

We stand up and with his dick in my hand I guide him to the room. He lays me on my back on the bed and grabs the lube I had on the night stand with a condom. He massages my ass thoroughly all around.

Once he puts on condom he slowly presses against my ass and slides in. He asked if I was ok. I look deep into his eyes and say oh God yes, and kiss him. He slowly starts pumping my ass with his huge cock.

I wrap my legs around him as he fucks me. I move with him.  I lose all track of time. He pulls out and flips me over. I am now on my hands and knees, doggy style.

He gets right up on my ass, and once I feel his dick near my ass, I push back and start riding him. He gets more excited. Then he pulls out, removes the condom and cums hard all over my back.

This is what I want more than anything. It is a shame that so many people are judgmental of gay sex and are ashamed to admit they are curious about it. Until I find a man I am attracted to, my wife will continue to use the strap on for me.

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  1. It's cool others have gay fantasies. Where I live (bible belt USA) it's consider evil and bad, and not much of a gay community.