Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Clitoris Stimulator Review (5 stars)*****

There is a reason that the Satisfyer Pro 2 Clit Stimulator is a best seller.

I have had the most wonderful experience testing and writing up a review for this product. I can not even be happier. This is one I'll be keeping..... let me tell you why:

Most stimulation on the clit is a bit harsh, and can numb the sensitivity of the clitoris. This does not make for a good orgasm. Just saying. It doesn't. Too much stimulation (as least for me) makes for a lack luster energy bolt and that's about it. This toy gives a light, wonderful sensation!

Second--- This pretty little toy doesn't just vibrate. It feels like your clit is being kissed! This is no joke!

Third--- It doesn't just lightly vibrate and kiss.... there is some sucking action! I'm not even kidding!

It feels great on the nipples, too.
It is a toy that I'll be keeping and probably using on a daily basis. I'll use it with my partner, and without him.

I happily and gratefully give this toy a 5 star review.

Ladies, gentleman....
This is a purchase you'll be extremely happy you made for yourself or your lady.

Go get one! Just click the link.
(And remember to come back and thank your lovely Jessa!)

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