Friday, August 12, 2016

Intimacy Tips for Couples

Last week, on Ready for Radio, Nikki and I talked about how to foster more intimacy in our relationships with our partners.

Here are a few of my personal tips:

1. Thoughtfulness. Doing small little kindnesses in a relationship can go a long way.

2. Taking Ownership of Mistakes. This doesn't mean take the blame. It means own your mistakes and your mis-speaking that could potentially hurt your partner. Owning it relieves the pressure of worry for your partner.

3. Listening, Without Reply. Maybe your partner just needs an ear and not your opinion or insight. This is an amazingly powerful tip.

4. Talk Honestly about Fear. Just get real about it. We all have them. When we share our real fears with our partners, not only do they feel closer to us, we usually adios the fear.

5. Share Micro Massages. It could be a daily 5 minute exchange of massage before bed. Nothing extravagant and it doesn't need to lead to sex. It is just a physical way to care for the one you love.

6. Send Flirty Texts. These little treasures can instantly bring a lightheartedness to a bad day.

7. Tell your partner why you continually choose them! There is nothing better than hearing why your partner chooses you consistently. It creates security in a relationship.

8. Create little traditions together. This is a powerful way to keep your relationship sacred and gives you both little things to look forward to.

9. Celebrate the small stuff. Always choose to celebrate the small things in life. If there is reason to be happy, make it a memory and celebrate it!

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