Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Liana from Arizona Writes In Her Fantasy

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Dear Jessa,

I'm a bisexual woman in her 40's craving a little female on female fun. My name is Liana and I'm from Arizona. This is a real experience from a few years ago that I fantasize about a lot. I want this experience, again.

I was a friend of hers for two years. Her name was Destiny. Ten years my junior. She was 5'11, 180 lbs, big assed, big tittie's, buxom blond. Smart, and made it known to me that she'd jump at a chance to get me naked. I swear for 2 years my pussy was wet anytime she was around. I didn't pursue because of her boyfriend.

It was her 26th birthday, and her man, myself and her got a motel room for the night to party. We drank, danced, laughed into the night. I showered, her after me. She began talking to me about her birthday wish.

She made it known that I was what she wanted. Permission was granted from the boyfriend. I was shocked. His stipulation was that he watch & cheer us on.

We all got on the floor. A few feet apart. She removed my robe, she removed hers. I laid her back and the boyfriend spread her thick thighs. Exposing a fat swollen shaved pussy with a beautiful clitoris sticking out between velvet lips.

He wanted to prime us both. So he did the same to me. My gosh I was already throbbing for her mouth on my clitoris. And my mouth was watering for a taste of what was a two year dream. He told her I was soaked, and she said for him to kiss her pussy for just a quick second. As I witnessed him suckle on her gorgeous clitoris, my breathing quickened.

She told him to suckle my clitoris for her to see. He did, but it didn't phase me. I wanted her. She leaned over sucked my nipples, and spread my legs and pussy so it was in her face. She was rubbing her pussy as well. So I took my hand and stuck it in the swollen honeypot, overflowing with juice for me. It grazed her clitoris, and she jerked. I then felt her tongue in my wetness. I gasped.

She spread me wide as I could go. She took all my pussy in her mouth, her lips circling my engorged clit, as her tongue flicked the very tip. I swore, hips started swerving to her licks. I turned over and straddling her face, put it in her mouth, and dove in her snatch with a hunger. She convulsed by my eagerness. I began bucking on her face, grinding on her mouth. She was everything I had dreams of. And then some. Her boyfriend was speechless.

She inserted her fingers into my pussy as she sucked ,licked, and moaned. I felt so amazing, it was coming like a tidal wave, a tsunami, unstoppable, I was going to cum. Then it happened. She never let up, eating all my cum. Then fingering her at the same time as I feasted on her pretty pussy, she came hard, fucking my face, as she growled and returned to fiercely licking my enormous clit at warp speed.

Pulling my hips down to her mouth. I ate every drop of her juices. I came again. Grabbing her by the hair and grinding on her mouth hard. Till it stopped. Wasted, we both rolled away from each other. We had aftershocks, and she said that I was the best birthday present ever. I couldn't have agreed more.

Yummy. Oh I want this, again!


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