Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Peter of North Dakota Shares his Femme Dom Sexual Fantasy

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Dear Jessa,
This has been a long time fantasy of mine. To find a femme dom to bring the submissive side of me to life. I live in such a small community in North Dakota, that my chances of finding one are slim.

Peter in North Dakota

I hung by my wrists, arms spread wide, back against the cold stone wall, slightly comforted by the hard earned heat pulsing off of my body. My arms strained against the cuffs, despite my feet being nearly fully planted on the floor. I was already starting to grow anxious and sore, but the relatively lax position assured me I would be here for a long time, blinded and helpless, waiting shamelessly for Hazel to let me loose to burrow subserviently into her temporary repose.

Much too soon I felt a hand roam down my bare chest, trembling ever so slightly. I knew immediately from this tiniest of hesitations that it was not Hazel. The haziest breath of rosy perfume invaded my lungs, and I gasped faintly in alarm, withholding commentary out of innocent shock. A second delicate, feminine hand flitted gently down my side, rendezvousing with the other on my abdomen. Together they explored the myriad of gashes with quiet concentration, testing their texture and sensitivity.

My heartbeat quickened. I felt suddenly intensely vulnerable, my memory an unkind one. Long since healed, I nevertheless maintained an extraordinary sensitivity to being restrained, driven home by Hazel’s insistence on delivering both reward and punishment while I festered in my bonds. Hazel and I maintained an exquisitely strange trust though. She was no benevolent force, and had put me through far more than I was probably capable of enduring, but I knew she did not intend to intimately destroy me the way he had. Any new hands on my deepest weakness and I started to panic with the possibilities. I held myself tense, desperate not to initiate anyone else’s cruelty. My chest started to throb in seizing pain.

My sudden fears were abruptly quelled, however, as I felt a warm kiss planted directly over my groin. I gasped audibly, thinking I had imagined it, but soon after a cheek nuzzled into the same sensitive spot and my brain slammed off like a glass had been shattered on the floor. My arousal was instantaneous. I hadn’t been allowed release in an inhumanely long time, and my body reacted to it with so much force it threatened to knock me unconscious. I moaned hungrily as my mysterious benefactor teased the life out of me, lapping at my intense erection so very softly through my pants. I nearly lost it as she unbuttoned them and slid them to the floor, and my full length stood practically sobbing for attention.

She pulled back just long enough for me to get frantic, jerking against the chains that unflinchingly held me to the wall above my head. I spurted out livid, ragged cries of need. “Please, please, please” I begged through the animal groans spurting from my throat. She leaned into me, her body embracing every facet of mine, and I pathetically thrust myself against her, desperate for friction. She kissed me, gently at first, but soon aggressively as my lust started to explode at my helplessness, as my enthusiasm for her reached a fever pitch. I was intoxicated by her as she pulled back, nuzzled my neck, agonizingly slowly knelt to the floor, gripped my hips in her hands and licked a single ring around the head of my cock. I moaned uncontrollably, lolled my head to the side and started to clench up.

She lapped at me momentarily, and then drove me deep into her, clamping down with a blissful amount of pressure. Once, twice, three times she descended down me, twirling her tongue on the upturn. I couldn’t hold myself through the haze and I tensed every muscle as she quickened the pace, sensing the depth of my need. When I exploded in her I issued forth such a monumental, jagged scream of pleasure that I wished that Hazel had gagged me. The sensitivity of my neglected dick as I came was nearly too much to handle, but I couldn’t jerk away. She milked every drop from me before pulling back, and I collapsed into my cuffs, twitching with profound relief.

“Thank you,” I whispered, and felt a gentle peck on my lower lip. As quickly as she had come she was gone, and I hung panting, pulsing physical happiness.


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