Monday, August 8, 2016

Rich from Nevada Writes in His Secret Crush Fantasy

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Dear Jessa,
My name is Rich and I'm from Nevada. I'm writing my fantasy about a woman that I have wanted for some time now. I hope she reads this.

Sitting at my computer playing some random video game, when all of a sudden I hear a knock at my door. I go and answer the door a little confused as I never have random visitors at my house. I open the door to see you standing there with a wolfish grin on your face.

You ask me if you can come in, of course I say yes, I have had a secret crush on you for a few weeks now but haven't had the courage to act on it. You come in and I go to get you a glass of water. As I am reaching for the cups, I feel your hands softly rap around my waist as you lean into me. I turn to see your eyes full of desire, needing no further invitation I place my hands on your soft hips and lean into you kissing you deeply. 

You push your hips into me in response. I feel your heat rising, leaning forward I squeeze your ass pulling you closer as I do. You place your hands on my chest breathing hard, Kissing me with a need I never expected. I slide my fingers up your stomach ending at your breasts, feeling you respond to my touch. 

You rake your nails down my chest and start to undo my pants. I unclasp your bra as you pull my pants down, and I pull your shirt and bra off exposing your chest to me as you grab my thick cock kneeling down to blow it. Your mouth feels amazing as it works up and down my dick. 

I run my hands through your hair, holding your head as I thrust forward into your throat, you feel amazing. I tell you to stand up I need you, I turn and push you to the wall undoing your pants and sliding a hand under your panties feeling your wet soft pussy, I hear you moan as I do. 

Pulling down your pants I kneel down spreading your stance so I can have a clear view of your beautiful pussy. I rub my thumb on your clit as I begin to slowly press my fingers into you, you inhale sharply and move your hips forward onto my fingers as I slide them in and out of you. I lean forward kissing your inner thigh moving up to your dripping wet pussy. 

I softly flick your clit with my tongue at first, hearing you moan. You grab my head and press your pussy against my face I suck on your clit flicking it with my tongue; I keep sliding my fingers in and out of you as I eat you, savor you, listening to you gasp and moan in response. 

I can't take it anymore, I stand up and bend you over my table and push myself deep inside of you, you feel amazing and I hear you let out an exulted quiet squeal as you feel my cock thrust into you. Your moans grow in volume as I thrust into you over and over. You gasp "I'm gonna cum" and now I need you to cum and need you to climax on my cock, 

I thrust into you harder and faster and faster. You start to buck and convulse as you reach climax, screaming as you do. I can't take it anymore I cum feeling your pussy tighten around my throbbing cock as I explode into you. I lean onto you, both of us gasping from our passions. I kiss your back, feeling you convulse again from the echos of your orgasm. I pull out of you and turn you around kissing your lips as I do. 

You look at me and ask one question "Again?"


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