Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Take My Submission From Me

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Sometimes, I need you to take it from me. When I am stuck in my own head and unable to see over my walls. I need you to take it.

I need to you hush me with your mouth, your hand, your cock. I need you to shush the nay saying voices in my head. I might even.. although you didn't hear this from me... need you to fuck the brattiness right out of me.

When I am feeling unlovable, I need you to remind me how very lovable I am and take it from me. A firm hand in my hair. Your hard cock inside me. Your eyes on mine. And fuck me until I am lovable.

When I am feeling down and out, I need you to remind me of all I have to be thankful for. Your lips on mine.... usually does the trick. Words murmured against pressed lips, heated passion... take it from me.

When life is too busy and I am swamped and I have too much to do. I need you to take the time to make me take the time to take it from me. I need you to take those precious moments of loving caresses, heated moments, and comfortable presence and remind me you see my worth.

I need you to take my submission from me. I need you to remind me who I am and where I belong.

But most of all... I want to give it to you.

I want to give you my trust.

My adoration.

My love.

My lust.

I need you to take it from me.

~Dee in Maine


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