Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Moment of Penetration

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Dear Jessa,
This isn't so much a fantasy as it is about how I feel when I'm penetrated. Hope your readers enjoy.

Shelly in Montana

The very first moment. It always takes my breath away.

You know the one. That moment your pussy is begging, aching to be filled with his cock. That moment you need him inside you so badly, you are willing to do and say just about anything. When the juices are flowing and your senses are heightened and your breath is quicker, and his mouth is on you, and you are desperate for him inside you. When your clit is throbbing and his fingers dance over it, heightening your desire.

When your back arches, your hips wiggle their silent request. The world will never be right until his cock is inside you.


That's the moment I'm talking about.

When he finally positions himself above you. Leans down, kisses you, bites you, as his hand marvels over your wetness and sinks a finger inside you. And all you can do is MOAN. Part protest, part relief some part of him is inside you.

His finger flutters within you, finding your g-spot and playing you with ease as your moans ebb and flow with the rhythm of his fingers. And your hips rise, wanting more because the fingers are good, but not what you and your pussy needs right now.

His finger withdraws and he teases you further by rubbing the head of his cock up and down your silken folds, drenched by lust. Finally, very slowly, he starts to push inside you. You moan in anticipation, those fervent hips trying to get more. Inch by inch... he pushes in, spreading you, filling you.

It's only when he finally bottoms out that you can breath again. A sigh of relief escapes you, and you savor that moment when he's buried inside you. That moment of being filled. Guys, don't be so quick to start thrusting... I love that moment.

That very first moment when he enters me, spreads me, fills me, I always gasp, I'm in such awe. When he withdraws again completely and pushes back in, yeah, that's good. But nothing like that first moment... Savor that first moment.

I love that moment.


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