Tuesday, September 13, 2016

10 Romance Tips

Want to keep the fires burning? Here are some tips on how to keep your woman (or man) feeling romanced.

1. Remember to not take your woman for granted. She is not obligated to do anything for you. When she does things for you, remember to thank her and show your gratitude. This goes both ways ladies. Tell him how much you appreciate his thoughtfulness and kindness.

2. Communicate with her openly. As much as it doesn't sound romantic, to women, it is possibly the most romantic thing you can do for her. When you share your thoughts and feelings, she doesn't have to wonder about it. (And if you know women, we wonder.) Fill in those blank spaces for her mind and heart to meld together, not leaving space for doubt and worry.

3. Surprise her! Bring her roadside flowers. Take her to her favorite restaurant for pie. The surprise doesn't need to be expensive or elaborate. Keeping her mind wondering what you'll be doing next, will surely keep her heart yearning for more.

4. Be respectful. Don't just assume she's in the mood, or be all hanky panky to try and change her mood. (In fact, don't try to change her at all.) Just be with her. When it comes to doing new things between the sheets, have a conversation with her first. Don't just assume she is going to like your new move. (And don't be offended when she's not into it.)

5. Keep your eyes on her, not on the passersby with the big, fake titties. Guys... really. If your woman is not the apple of your eye, let her go so she can be the apple of someone else's eye. She deserves that. (And so do you!)

6. Woo her! Get your woo on and give your lady goosebumps from head to toe. Just because you've been married for years, doesn't mean that her skin stopped tingling at your touch. Take her a little off guard and show her how attractive she is to you.

7. Talk about dreams and make a plan with her. Don't be one of those guys who only talks about his dreams and wants, and think that she's lucky to be along for the ride. Create dreams together and work on them together.

8. Protect her. There is NOTHING that is sexier than a man who stands up and protects his woman and family. Don't let others disrespect your woman, no matter who they are. If you allow your family to talk trash about your lady, your lady will begin to lose intimate feelings of trust for you. #Truth.

9. Create memories with her. Find a place where you can watch the sunset together. Plant a small flower garden with her (even if in pots), so she will always have fresh flowers. Take the time to make moments count by grabbing her hand, playing your song, or singing to her. (This is best boyfriend material... take note.)

10. Do not cheat on her. Ever. Not even in your mind. If you are one of those guys that thinks you deserve to indulge in whatever you want, then stay single and indulge. Leave a lady's heart and soul out of your warpath.

Do you have any tips? Email me on the side bar and I'll update with the awesome reader tips as they come in.

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