Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A New Trick

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

We were staying a resort nestled in the mountains for a weekend get a way. It was a totally spontaneous decision. We had been seeing each other for six weeks, off and on. We had some of the dirtiest and hottest sex that I had ever had with a woman. It was raw, primal, rough and left both of us completely spent until the next fuck...

We had arrived earlier in the day, settled in and went for a short hike. After the hike she suggested we try out the sauna which was on the resort grounds. We changed grabbed our suits and walked to the sauna. We walked inside and saw there was no one else there. I fired up the old wood stove covered in rocks, and grabbed a bucket of water while the stove heated the rocks. Once the fire was roaring I closed the stove door.

Once we changed into our swim suits, I locked the outside door and pulled the curtains across the windows. As we entered, I locked the interior door behind us. We sat down on two benches facing each other, making small talk. She told me all too coyly, "you know, no one wears a swim suit in a sauna?" I said " oh really?" While I was responding she was already peeling off her suit. I felt compelled to follow her lead....

Before I was free of my suit she was on me like a cat. Her voluptuous tits pressed against my chest and her mouth on my neck. I could feel her hot, rapid breathing on my neck. My cock instantaneously became rock hard. Her nipples were hard and I grabbed the left one and squeezed it gradually harder and harder. I heard her groan in pleasure as her open mouth met mine. Her tongue probing for mine, her wet cunt rubbing on my thigh.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as far as it would go, without breaking our kiss pulling her hair as hard as I could. I continued pinching her nipple, hard, really fucking hard. I felt her shutter and could swear she came on my leg.

I broke her grip on me, let go of her nipple and pulled her by the hair, to lie down on the lower bench, which she did. Her head was hanging over the the edge of the bench and her mouth was open. I plunged my rock hard cock into her mouth as far as I would go. I heard her gurgle momentarily as I began fucking her face as hard as I could. I was holding her head up by supporting her neck.. Her face was being fucked and she was drooling uncontrollably now, gasping for breath at random intervals.

After several minutes I pulled out of her mouth letting her taste my pre cum with her tongue. I moved her head onto the bench. I placed my right hand around her throat and squeezing very hard, and at the same time straddling her. I entered her wet hole. I felt her wetness yield to me as I firmly and steadily filled her. She gasped as I pounded her hole and kept my grip firm around her throat.

Her body was shuddering as she came. I heard her try to say something to me. I lowered my head to her mouth and let up on my grip of her throat. She said "harder, harder you fuck." I obliged her by grabbing her throat with a renewed grip until her eyes lids started to flutter...I continued fucking her hole so hard I though the bench was going to break.

I felt myself getting ready to explode. I stopped and pulled out of her wet hole. My cock was slick with her wetness, I could smell her excitement as it permeated the hot room we were in. I released her throat and grabbed her hair again and instructed her to get up and kneel on the bench facing away from me. I tightened my grip on her hair pulling her head back. I entered her asshole in one motion. She screamed out but never stopped taking me into her. I fucked her asshole hard for a minute or so before I came. I did not pull out though, but I did let go of her hair. I then reached around with my now free hand and started to finger her wet cunt and clit. Before long she came several times dripping onto the bench.

We separated, both sitting down where we had originally sat upon arriving. She said to me "I want to show you something." I said "please do" as I tried not to pass out. She sat with her legs pulled up to her chest but spread apart so I could see her hole. She asked me if I was watching and I told her yes. She moved her hands down to her hole and pulling each side to open it more. I continued to look at her cunt and saw a trickle of moisture flowing from her hole, it turned into a steady flow. She smiled at me, as I looked at her hole. She said, "see, you taught your cunt a new trick......."


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