Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Trucker's Fantasy

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Hi ya Jessa,

I’m Billy from Arkansas and I’m a trucker. Sitting up high in the trucks reveals a lot about people. I’ve seen men and woman driving without pants some masturbating. I’ve seen people in back of cars having sex, I’ve been flashed tits, ass and even dick.

With all the driving I do here is my fantasy that I think about the most.

Im driving down the interstate and stop at a truck stop for fuel, food, and shower. While eating waiting for my turn to shower a young woman in her mid twenties wearing really short shorts showing off her sexy long legs approaches me and asked if she could ride with me.

I first talk to her staring at her large breast. Her shirt is so tight her nipples are poking through. Man I want to suck on those tits really bad. I agreed to let her ride with me.

After my shower and truck is filled up I cash out and escort her to the truck, open the door and help her in by pushing on her firm ass. I didn’t help fast because I wanted to hold on to her ass cheeks as long as I could.

Once on the road she complained it was getting hot and I made the excuse the AC is broken. So without a word she took off her shirt revealing a red sill lace bra. Her breast barely fit and I could tell she was hot not just sexy hot, because I could see sweat running done her neck and dripping between her cleavage. Man I wanted to lick that sweat.

She then took off her shorts, while I was expecting to see panties all I could see was her hairy but trimmed pussy. My dick now raging hard I had to pull over soon.

After I pulled into a rest area I got out of my seat and approached her. She just smiling knowing whats going to happen. Before I could lean in to kiss her her she grabs my ass and says pull your dick out.

Without a second thought I do, she first licks the tip of the head soft and slowly. I wanted to shove it in, but it’s obvious she wants control. I never let a woman tell me what to do in bed, but this time I decided to be a slave.

As she massage the tip of my dick I massage her head gentle. She the licks around the entire head and slowly sucks on just the tip. Its difficult not to just thrust my cock down her throat and it happened I could feel the back of throat with the head of my penis. Her mouth was warm and hot. Her tongue was soft and fast. Her lips big and moist.

She sucks harder and harder as my dick reaches maximum size. She sucks faster and faster pushing my ass, which is forcing me to fuck her throat. While that is feeling good I wanted her pussy, I could tell its wet from looks of her panties.

As I lay down on my back she kept my dick her mouth and laid on top of me. I spun her around so I could taste her pussy, I slowly with my teeth removed her panties and licked her erect clit. She moaned but never stop sucking my dick. The pleasure was intense but I knee I could go on.

Her pussy juices were flowing almost dripping, and I do my best to eat every drop. While licking her clit her hands moved to the back of my head where she forced my head to run all over her pussy.

She started moving her hips as well, it wad impossible to keep her clit in my mouth. I could feel she was ready to release her orgasm, and I know she wanted my cum. So I rolled her over and held her hands and kissed her. I got on top and positioned myself so I could slide my cock in.

Her pussy was very warm, and tight. I fucked her as hard as I could releasing all my cum into her, but she had not orgasmed yet. So I started inserting my fingers and massaging her ribbed pussy, with as many fingers as I could.

Soon my fist was inside her, I slow moved in and out while liking her clit. I felt a huge wave of warm feeling cum.

After removing my arm her. Pussy juices were all they way up my arm. I reinserted my arm and she cummed again. I started eating her pussy again and repeated the fisting.

She grabbed my hand that was in her pussy, and started eating her own cum. When my arm was cleaned, and dick was drained,we got dressed and got back on the road.


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