Thursday, September 15, 2016

Learn How Reiki Heals Sexual Imbalance

*Everything is Energy*

The sacral chakra determines our sexual appetite and our disposition.

The sacral chakra is also associated with our playfulness and our creative nature. Spiritual lessons associated with the sacral chakra are creativity, manifestation, honoring relationships, and learning to “let go.”

The sacral chakra and your ability to manifest what you want in your life are directly linked and arise from the exact same energy. (Think about this for a moment.)

The process that activates Reiki energy, moves the ki energies through all the chakras. The energy movement begins at the root chakra and moves up through the crown chakra and back down again, stabilizing into earth energy. Any chakras that are shut down or partially blocked will be opened up during a Reiki session.

The second chakra, the body’s sexual center, cannot help but be affected by this.

This is especially true if it has not been functioning fully beforehand. If a person has been sexually repressed or has had his sexual center shut down, the Reiki session could very possibly open up hidden intimacy-related issues, sexual urges, and emotions.

Everyone can have an active sex life even when their sacral chakra is blocked or shut down. 

A person with a closed sexual center goes through the motion of having sex without having a total awareness of their body. Does this sound familiar?

Having sex in this way can be enjoyable, but it does not compare to having a sexual experience with the sacral chakra open.

Sharing sexual intimacy while your sacral chakra is open and functioning can be a completely startling experience for someone who has been closed off from his, or her, physical body. Admittedly, being fully open in your body during sex is exhilarating! 

You will not likely forget the feeling once you have experienced it because it is amazing blend of the physical and the spiritual melded into a perfect union.

Distance Reiki, also known as second degree Reiki, can also prove to be helpful in healing your past and future energy, emotions, and spirit. It is the ability to look into your past and heal that point in time. This is well fitting for those who have had a sexual imbalance in their past and have not been able to address healing previously.

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