Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Sweet Submissive: I Will Conquer You

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

My sweet submissive: I will lead you into the darkness, a place filled with beauty, a place filled with wonder, a place that you can be finally be free.

My sweet submissive: I will take your hand and guide you, showing you this amazing world of intensity, passion, and Primal madness.

I will pin you to the fucking ground, and introduce you to raw, savage and intensely brutal impact play.

I will slap your exposed breasts with extreme force, watching the images of your face transform and dance from pleasure to pain.

I will penetrate your dripping cunt with my fingers, and show you the beauty of forced orgasms, making you squirt violently and paint the sheets with your passion.

My sweet submissive: I will force my cock into your mouth, and show you the beauty of being brutally throat fucked, the chaos of breath play when your windpipe is filled.

I will spread your asshole, and plunge my cock in deep, balls deep, and savagely teach you to scream a song of mixed pain and then pleasure.

I will hunt you, conquer you, consume you, own you.

Are you prepared?

Are you truly ready?

Derrick in Los Angeles


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