Friday, September 16, 2016

We Are Not Shy & We Don't Have Rules

~Names have been changed to protect privacy. These are real fantasies, written by real people. To share your fantasy, email me on the sidebar. ~Jessa

Hi Jessa here is my fantasy:

I’m looking for roommates to help keep cost down. I don’t care if I move somewhere or if people move in with me. I go to a potential house that has four bedrooms and three current guys living there.

I knock on the door and a handsome mid thirties guy opens the door. After a brief introduction he invited me in and closes the door. He then said, “You first must know that we don’t have rules and we are not shy.”

I was confused until another guy came down the stairs completely naked. His cock swaying back and forth with every step. I wanted that cock. But I had to come back to reality. We continue the tour and make our way to the back patio where a party was going on.

Everyone was naked all guys. All with nice huge cocks. Mine was getting hard. There were a couple making out. Ohh I wanted to be between them, but had to continue the tour. I think my guide noticed my bulge but didn’t say anything.

He mentioned there is a pool table in the basement so we went there next. On the way down the stairs I could her moaning but we kept going. As we made go the stairs the moan just gets louder and louder. Someone’s getting fucked. I only wished it was me.

The guide opened the door and there is a slender guy bent over the pool table being pounded by a jock guy. Omg it was hot. The jock saw my bulging crotch and said you want this don’t you.

All I could do was nod. He stopped his banging and came over to me. Grabbed the back of my head and pulled it back. He then shoved his tongue down my throat. Omg god I was harder then steel.

He rubbed my crotch making it harder still. Other guys started coming in and surrounded me. I had no escape. I wanted to say no and stop. But my body wanted to give and let this happened. There are about ten guys here all naked my clothes were being taking off. My ass is being fingered by each of them as they took turns.

My eyes are closed I’m just going with the flow. Someone slips a blind fold on. I can’t see anything. I'm laid down on what feels like a cot. My hands and legs are tied. A gag ball is placed in my mouth.

What the hell was I doing. I hear laughter. Every inch of my body is being rubbed and touched. My cock being sucked and then I felt a cock in my ass. It was a great feeling. It wad a smooth fuck, but it’s pulled out quickly and I’m disappointed.

But then the cot spins and a different cock is shoved in my ass. I lost track of how long they had fucked my ass but I remember laying on my back and they all gummed all over me. The first was on my face. While still gagged I could taste the cum as it slid down the gag ball into my mouth.

The hot warm cum was all over my body causing my to add to the hot warm sensation and my cum was added.

They guys are rubbing the cum all over some still fuck my ass.

After things settled my guide said I would be a good fit.

That’s my fantasy having a surprise cum bath.

Doug from Ohio


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