Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kneel for Your Owner

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That one word, that one gesture can mean so much. From the owner to the owned. It can create an erotic ambiance of pure sexual energy.

From the lips of the owner, it says I see you for the person you want to be but in this moment, you're my property for me to command and control. You will lower your stature and take your place by my side in a kneeling pose, so I can take dominion over that which is mine.

A leverage naturally given.

From the viewpoint of the owned, it's a gesture that shows trust and a desire to serve their Masters will. It's a surrendering of one's physical body for the pleasure of their owner. It's a beautiful act that says so much, there are not enough words to convey the power of that action in a moment where two people's wills are being fully realized.

An exchange of power through a powerful act, all done by the willingness of the owned wanting to kneel and serve their owner.

Kneeling may look like a gesture of weakness by the untrained eye, but in reality, it's one of the most powerful acts you can do for yourself and your owner.

You will reach heights few have known by simply kneeling for your owner.


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