Friday, February 24, 2017

The Edge of Darkness

Embracing the anonymity of darkness.
All my fears and insecurities swept aside for the time being.
Bruises, red marks, welts and soreness all that remain.
Well used, wet, satiated and dripping.
Pleasure, both physical and psychological lingering around me.
Contemplating my pain, my use and my release.

I suffered for me? I suffered for him? But why?
I was not sure, I only knew the quiet returned to my noisy head, to my mind.
Ever elusive the quiet, the calming quiet so fulfilling when it returned.
I needed the quiet, I had to have it at any cost.
The aftercare all complete, time to look ahead.
You see I needed the pain, as bad as he wanted to deliver it.
Once again I was approaching the precipice of danger.
I knew my body and mind would once again be on the edge of darkness.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Your Hungry Holes

I will fuck your mind, fertilize it with erotic and dark thoughts. I want to lick your mind and tickle your fancy. I will explore your mind, revel in your psychological nudity.

I will talk dirty to you, and send dirty "sexts" while you are working and at home. I will send them whenever I'm awake, why the fuck not? You love it and so do I. You answer and reply. You can always say "no." Right? But you won't.

I will meet you for lunch, take you to dinner. I will treat you, I will eat you, til you can't take another licking. I will devour you, like a predator seizes his prey.

Your mind is fertile and your body is willing. Your holes are hungry and hot. I don't fucking care if you are married, because I am not.