Thursday, February 23, 2017

Your Hungry Holes

I will fuck your mind, fertilize it with erotic and dark thoughts. I want to lick your mind and tickle your fancy. I will explore your mind, revel in your psychological nudity.

I will talk dirty to you, and send dirty "sexts" while you are working and at home. I will send them whenever I'm awake, why the fuck not? You love it and so do I. You answer and reply. You can always say "no." Right? But you won't.

I will meet you for lunch, take you to dinner. I will treat you, I will eat you, til you can't take another licking. I will devour you, like a predator seizes his prey.

Your mind is fertile and your body is willing. Your holes are hungry and hot. I don't fucking care if you are married, because I am not.

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