Monday, July 17, 2017

I Hurried Home

I hurried home, glad the day was over. I had been thinking about her all day.. She made me feel alive. I wondered how she had done being by herself all day. She had never been left alone this long during her past visits. I was curious about her mental state, and what had went on in her head.

I unlocked the basement door, turned on the lights and walked down the stairs. As I stepped off the last stair, I could hear the soft jingle of steel chain, she must have heard me. I turned on another light and unlocked her door. I stood in the doorway and took a moment to admire her. She was gagged and wearing a black blindfold. She turned her head to me when she heard the door open. Her hair was matted and tangled. She looked vulnerable. A series of rough face fucks from last night, left her a bit disheveled. I walked to her, put two fingers between her open legs, penetrating her wetness. I plunged them deeper into her until she responded. I pulled my fingers out and put them in my mouth, tasting her excitement.

Her ass was beckoning me. I ran my hand over it and she jumped. I knew she was expecting me to plunge into her sweet little asshole, so I refrained, knowing she wanted it.

My mind was alive too many questions and thoughts right now. I need to relax for a bit before our next session. This was going to be a busy evening. I walked in front of her dropped onto my knees, opened her pussy lips and took her clit in my mouth..

She was my own captured arousal. I was really her pleasuring slave.

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