Thursday, July 6, 2017

Like A Delicious Treat

Like A delicious treat, I want to slowly unwrap you. Free you from your clothes.
Piece by piece, slowly savoring your texture between my thumb and forefinger.
Rolling you over and over onto my tongue.
Melting slowly from my touch.

I want to metrically and deliberately taste your soft pink skin.
Moving each layer, trying to taste your creamy center.
To enjoy your moistness, your soft center filled with liquid warmth.
Waiting to be released by my probing tongue.
Your wet soft, salty center waiting to envelop my tongue in your flavor.

My gift to myself you see.
I want to decorate you in colors.
Pinks and reds, rising to meet my touch.
I am going to seize you and make you melt in my fucking mouth.
I like a slut, and I'm hungry for you, right fucking now.

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