Tuesday, July 4, 2017

She Sees the Leather, In His Hands

She sees the leather in his hands

And her pupils dilate

For she knows what he has in mind for her

This is a game they've played before

Cold leather, wrapped in his hand

Her neck beckoning its embrace

Wet pussy clenches in anticipation

Exhilarating to be breathless

She bows her head

Waiting for his touch

Yearning to feel the touch

Of his cold leather

It encircles her throat

Breathing is restricted

Choose breath or orgasm

She falls to the floor, having made her choice

Her mind clamors for the air

While her body demands its release

His grip tightens and his smile widens

As she gives in and cums so hard

He releases his grip

Grabbing her hair in both hands

Plunging his cock into her wet open mouth

He fills her mouth deep and hard

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