About SF

My name is Jessa. I love sex. I love fantasizing about sex. I love to talk about my sexual fantasies. After a long term relationship with someone who couldn't talk about sex or his sexual fantasies, I knew I was going to create a place where people could share their fantasies in an anonymous way.

This is a place where you can let go and quench your thirst for the erotic, the sensual, the romantic.

Sexual fantasies are a healthy, normal part of coming into our own sexuality. Sharing sexual fantasies with your partner can be scary as it reveals your innermost thoughts and desires.

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Sharing this blog with your partner can lead to more intimacy, crazy hot sex, and opens the conversation for the two of you to explore your own fantasies safely. Have a success story? We'd love to hear it!

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Legal Stuff:

We at RSRL (Real Sex Real Life), provide a safe platform for our readers to contribute their sexual fantasies (within legal and respectful limits). By submitting your fantasy to Real Sex Real Life, your piece will be kept confidential unless a law has been broken. Any and all fantasies containing minors will be reported immediately, along with the email and IP address of emailer. Upon acceptance for publishing, each contributor acknowledges their original fantasy will not receive any compensation. Upon receiving each written fantasy, each contributor understands that the written text becomes immediate property of Real Sex Real Life for publishing on any format.