Erotic energy is life energy. Erotic energy is kundalini. As civilization has evolved, we separated mind and body, head and heart, sensuality, sexuality and spirituality. We mostly stop or limit intimacy and simply forget what it means to be fully alive. This causes us to lose touch with the beautiful pleasures and experiences of sensuality.

Erotic energy is all about living. Those who have repressed sexuality have automatically, unknowingly, suppressed other areas of their lives. Erotic energy is naturally a part of survival and not shameful or embarrassing. Sensuality means joy, love and healing. If you are not joyful about it, it is difficult to take pleasure even in simple things, like a pretty sunset, a beautiful rainbow….enjoying watching others laughing and having a good time. Sensual Reiki Healing energy treatments can actually help balance your body and mind, heart and soul, sexuality and sensuality to fully experience the feeling of life.

Living a healthy sensual life lowers stress, boosts immunity, improves your self-esteem and deepens intimacy between you, others, the world or your partner. It brings you closer to yourself, it bonds you with your beloved and it creates a deep connection.

All Sensual Kundalini Reiki Healing Sessions are done long distance. I move energy through your chakras, balancing your chi first, connecting your energy to the divine energy that surrounds all of us. When that is achieved, I focus on the root chakra energy, where erotic kunalini energy originates.

After a Sensual Reiki Healing Session, you will feel balanced and less stressed. Our session will be scheduled to take place via phone. I will move the energy through you as we communicate on the phone.

You will feel balanced and aligned. Warning: experiences of bliss and deepening of orgasm have been reported.

Males, Females, & Couples are welcome.

10 minutes $30
30 minutes $65
60 minutes $100
90 minutes $165

Learn Sensual Kundalini Reiki:
$800 for 3 Sensual Kundalini Reiki Attunements: Levels I, II, & Master Level
(Each Attunement is $400 each separately.)

I can teach you Sensual Kundalini Reiki. You will be able to balance chakras and move energy through your partner for increased intimacy, removing fear blockages, and deeper orgasm.

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